(HVK Bell Flaire x Sun South Capri)
1998 brown mare

As significant a sire as Noble Flaire has proven to be for producing the Morgan show horse, his son HVK Bell Flaire seems destined to have even a larger impact on the breed. Year after year Bell Flaire's sons and daughters grace the show ring, particularly in harness classes, and all seem to have inherited Bell Flaire's distinctive beauty and balanced movement. The opportunity to obtain a Bell Flaire daughter to head our broodmare band was too good to pass up, even if her cost was what we had budgeted for two mares. What made JJF Bell of the Ball even more desirable as a broodmare was that her dam was the excellent harness mare, Sun South Capri (Tug Hill Commando x Willy's Wild Jasmine). Those who saw Capri show in park harness with Paul Stephen in the early 1990s will remember how good she was. She went on to many more wins in harness under the ownership of the J&J Farm, then of Ft. Collins, CO.

JJF Bell of the Ball was Capri's first foal, and blends the qualities of both her parents. Conformationally she is nearly flawless, and is one of those rare horses who looks pretty just standing in a stall. At 23 years of age and having produced eight foals, she remains as elegant as a five year old maiden mare and has the smoothness in her top line and the clean throat that seem to characterize all the Bell Flaire offspring. Bell also displays the intelligence and personality for which the Bell Flaire horses are noted. We are sure one day she is going to talk to us. She loves people, but has a regal quality and can still thrill us when she decides to put on a show in the pasture.

Bell has produced foals by HVK Dragonbeat, Aljaks Double Whammy, Winterset Thyme N'Agin, RWJ Commanding Topic, Minion Millennium and Tughill Commando. Her foals have all inherited her beauty and intelligence. After she safely delivered her 2018 foal, the decision was made to retire Bell from breeding. She has produced one excellent foal after another for us, and has earned a life of rest and leisure at Atwood Farm.



by HVK Dragon Beat (2009) 

by Aljaks Double Whammy (2011) 

ATWOOD DEBUTANTE THYME by Winterset Tyme n'Agin (2012)

by RWJ Commanding Topic (2014)

ATWOOD HELIOTROPE by Minion Millennium (2016)

ATWOOD ISSA BELLA by Tug Hill Commando (2018)

HVK Bell Flaire Noble Flaire Noble Command
Lost River Sanfield
HVK Belleek HVK Hotspur
Gallant Colleen
Sun South Capri Tug Hill Commando Waseeka's In Command
Fiddler's Majesta
Willy's Wild Jasmin Treble's Willy Wild
BH Carissa
You can view Bell's complete pedigree here, including pictures of many of her ancestors.

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(Cartier x Aljaks Miss Wham I Am)
2008 bay mare

Gary and Randy attended the 2011 Buckeye Morgan Sale with the intention of not buying anything, They resisted the urge to bid on some very nice mares that went through the sale. But Gary couldn't resist Perfect Cut. Sired by Cartier and out of the beautiful Aljak's Miss Wham I Am, she has presence and beauty to spare. The purchase of Perfect Cut gives Atwood Farm the blood of Cedar Creek Harlequin, Aljak's Double Whammy and the great mares Schiaparelli and Liberation Starbrite, all in one individual. She is a sweetheart to have around and gives us a horse show every time we turn her out. Diamond foaled a beautiful filly by Minion Millennium in 2012 and upheaded colts by Roberto Cavalli (2013), and MEM The Patriot (2014). In 2015, Diamond produced a phenomenal palomino filly sired by Ancan True Colors. In 2016, she produced her second colt by MEM The Patriot. In April, 2018, Diamond delivered her sixth foal, a beautiful chestnut filly by Balenciaga.


by Minion Millennium (2012)

by Roberto Cavalli (2013)

by MEM The Patriot (2014)

ATWOOD GREENSLEEVES by Ancan True Colors (2015)  

ATWOOD HERE WE GO AGAIN, by MEM The Patriot (2016)  

ATWOOD ISLE OF SKYE, by Balenciaga (2018)

Cartier Cedar Creek Harlequin I Will Command
Serenity Anna Rose
Schiaparelli Wham Bam Command
Townsend Donachime
Aljaks Miss Wham I Am Aljaks Double Whammy Century Free Spirit
Liberation Starbrite
Century Oak Denali Tedwin Topic
Rose Valley Rhapsody
You can view Perfect Cut's complete pedigree here, including pictures of many of her ancestors.

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(Minion Millennium x JJF Bell of the Ball)
2016 chestnut mare

With the decision to retire JJF Bell of the Ball from producing foals, Atwood Farm sought out a replacement. It became clear very quickly that we couldnít find a mare to fill Bellís shoes that met our needs as much as her daughter, Atwood Heliotrope. Sired by the incomparable Minion Millennium, Lia inherited her fatherís size and rich chestnut coloring. She was Bellís only produce from a Masterpiece bred stallion and the cross was an excellent one. We had planned on a show career for Lia, but decided we needed her as a producer so that we could carry on her damís bloodlines. We have no doubt that Lia will produce excellent foals and we are confident that it was the right decision to hang on to this one. Our plans are to breed Lia early in 2021.

Minion Millennium Minion Valentino Serenity Masterpiece
Serenity Kimberly
Pomp and Pazazz Serenity Masterpiece
Cy Don's Cynthia
JJF Bell of the Ball HVK Bell Flaire Noble Flaire
HVK Belleek
Sun South Capri Tug Hill Commando
Willy's Wild Jasmin
You can view Lia's complete pedigree here, including pictures of many of her ancestors.

  Sire: Minion Millennium                                                          Dam: JJF Bell of the Ball

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